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Updated: Mar 15, 2023

"People with blonde hair prefer to only be around other people who have blonde hair."

You and I both know that this statement certainly isn't true. In fact, it makes very little sense. There is no reason why blonde-haired people should be expected to only like being around others who share the same hair color. How many friendships would go undiscovered? Think about your own social circles... How many people would you miss if suddenly we were expected to only "be with our own kind"?

Now, let's re-read the statement and replace "blonde hair" with "disabilities".

"People with disabilities prefer to only be around other people who have disabilities."

This idea developed from the old practice of society segregating people with disabilities from the general public, mostly with the misguided thought that it would make life easier for them and their families, or that it was necessary to provide “proper care”. But we have come a long way since then, and now realize that g

rouping people together based on disability makes as much sense as grouping people by hair color. It leaves out the infinite possibility for meaningful connection and innovation. We all know life is so much sweeter when we have meaningful relationships that are built on common interests, values, support, and acceptance.

Together, we can adjust our thinking to recognize that when building relationships, someone having a disability means about as much as someone having blonde hair - nothing at all!

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