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Door-to-door medical appointment transportation, provided free of charge to qualified Fairfield County residents.

Access to Transportation Means Access to Care


Reliable Rides

Fewer Missed Appointments

Greater Independence

You may qualify for Transportation through FCI if you are a Fairfield County resident and participate in at least one of the following Programs:


Meals on Wheels

Fairfield County DD

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Nuestros conductores son personas totalmente capacitadas y atentas que se han sometido a verificaciones de antecedentes, están certificados en RCP, primeros auxilios y manejo defensivo. La flota de vehículos de FCDCP es accesible para sillas de ruedas. Los principales objetivos del Departamento de Transporte son brindar un servicio seguro, puntual y cortés a todos nuestros clientes.

How to Get Started

1. Call Fairfield County Job & Family Services at (740) 652-7889.

2. Select option 3 from their Directory Menu.

3. Ask if you can start receiving Medical Appointment Transportation Services.

4. Request to ride with FCI.

If you're on Medicaid 

If you receive assistance from Meals on Wheels

1. Call Fairfield County Meals on Wheels at (740) 681-5050

2. Ask if you can start receiving Medical Appointment Transportation Services.

3. Request to ride with FCI.

If you receive support from Fairfield County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Talk with your representative at Fairfield DD to see if you are

eligible for Transportation through FCI.

Transportatin: How to Get Started
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